Welcome to Green Bar. This site contains information of use to Scoutmasters and other adult Scouters on a number of topics. This is not a site about pioneering projects, advancement resources, or “how to’s” for every skill associated with Scouting. It is a site about leadership, both adult and youth in the troop and Patrol.

Green Bar is divided into two main sections: For Adults, and For Scouts. The section for adults contains discussion of the Three Aims, and the Eight Methods of Scouting, some important adult leadership topics, and some details about troop building. The section for Scouts contains similar information about the Patrol, the Patrol Leader, and many details about building real Patrols in a troop. The discussion is directed toward the youth leader, but is presented for Scoutmasters as a resource for helping them train and develop the youth leaders in their troop.

In the Extras section you’ll find a few resources that didn’t fit anywhere else, or are referenced in both sections. You’ll find a page containing official B. S. A. patrol emblems and some downloadable forms and documents. Very soon, this section will also contain additional resources submitted by visitors.

Finally, in the Site Info section, you’ll find information specifically about this site. Much of the information isn’t of much use to Scouts or Scouters, but it’s included here in case anyone’s interested. There’s also a pretty in-depth description of the new design and the new features that go with it.